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Win $1000 & a Trip to Washington! Join The 2015 Neuro Film Festival

Win up to $1,000 and a Trip to Washington DC. Submit a short video to raise awareness of brain diseases. Inspire Alzheimer’s prevention. Advocate for more stroke treatments. Fuel the fight against vascular or Lewy Body dementia. Join the 2015 Neuro Film Festival.

MINNEAPOLIS – The American Academy of Neurology, along with theAmerican Brain Foundation, is accepting video submissions for the 2015Neuro Film Festival®. Now in its sixth year, the goal of the online video competition is to raise awareness of the need for more funding and research into the preventions, treatments, and cures of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, autism, epilepsy, ALS, traumatic brain injury/concussion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and others.

Winners could receive up to $1,000 and a trip to Washington, DC, for a chance to present their film at the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, the world’s largest meeting of neurology professionals. Visit and enter your video by the February 25, 2015, deadline.

“The truth is the current lack of available brain disease research funding is at a crisis level. The Neuro Film Festival is a perfect vehicle for people affected with brain disease to be a voice to raise awareness of why more funding for research is needed,” said Christine E. Phelps, Deputy Executive Director for the American Academy of Neurology Institute and American Brain Foundation.

Collectively, 382 videos submitted to the past Neuro Film Festival competitions have received more than 95,000 views on the Festival’s YouTube channel.

A video showing how to submit to the Neuro Film Festival is available at along with complete contest rules. Video entries should be no more than 5:00 minutes in length.

The American Academy of Neurology, an association of more than 28,000 neurologists and neuroscience professionals, is dedicated to promoting the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care. A neurologist is a doctor with specialized training in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, migraine, multiple sclerosis, concussion, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

For more information about the American Academy of Neurology, visit or find us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ andYouTube.

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B. Berger

B. Berger

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This site was inspired by my Mom’s autoimmune dementia.

It is a place where we separate out the wheat from the chaffe, the important articles & videos from each week’s river of news. With a new post on Alzheimer’s or dementia appearing on the internet every 7 minutes, the site’s focus on the best information has been a help to many over the past 15 years. Thanks to our many subscribers for your supportive feedback.

The site is dedicated to all those preserving the dignity of the community of people living with dementia.

Peter Berger, Editor


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