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Frontotemporal Dementia: ‘Cruelest Disease You Never Heard Of’

Bill Whitaker 60 Minutes FTD
Frontotemporal Dementia, FTD, is the most common form of dementia in people under age 60. Why isn't it better known? (Video)

The family of famed actor Bruce Willis recently announced the actor has been diagnosed FTD, frontotemporal dementia, the most common form of dementia affecting people under 60.  Journalist Bill Whitaker of the CBS’ 60 Minutes program takes viewers on a journey to understand what he calls “the cruelest disease you never heard of” — frontotemporal dementia — and why it isn’t better known.

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Hanna Levi Julian

Hanna Levi Julian

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This site was inspired by my Mom’s autoimmune dementia.

It is a place where we separate out the wheat from the chaffe, the important articles & videos from each week’s river of news. With a new post on Alzheimer’s or dementia appearing on the internet every 7 minutes, the site’s focus on the best information has been a help to many over the past 15 years. Thanks to our many subscribers for your supportive feedback.

The site is dedicated to all those preserving the dignity of the community of people living with dementia.

Peter Berger, Editor


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