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Robin Williams and the Science of Lewy Body Dementia


Robin Williams brought unprecedented awareness to Lewy Body Dementia. It’s a common but not-well-known type of dementia. How did it affect him? Why didn’t doctors or family catch it? Science Show offers answers, dissecting what Lewy Bodies are, and what they do to trigger dementia.


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February 22, 2016 12:24 am

what about Pick's disease. MY sister has had this since 2006.
by the grace of God & me she is still alive. but in very bad condition

Reply to  Unknown
October 6, 2019 4:59 pm

Google Pick's disease. The brain is eaten away by the spinal/brain fluid. Depending on the exact area being attacked, a person could be able to balance a checkbook but not know what a telephone was for or how to undress him/herself. My husband's excellent Neurologist fully explained things to us, and gave me a direct email address to him so I could report new symptoms or behaviors that arose. There is an excellent closed group FTD support group online with members worldwide, but I can't remember the site name. Be sure your sister's doctor checks if there is a genetic connection.

February 22, 2016 12:25 am

Frontatempordementia any one ever heard of it?

February 22, 2016 3:19 am

ABOUT DEMENTIA WITH LEWY BODIES (DLB),as a Support Therapy(in microdoses under physician prescription),researchers could study the nutraceuticals CARNOSINE and ACETYL L CARNITINE(so called ALCAR)that helps to control the common pathological features that are shared by most neurodegenerative diseases.CARNOSINE is a peroxinitrites scavenger,a heavy metal chelator,and anti-glycating agent(1),has the potential to lowers betamyloid accumulation in Alzheimer disease(2)(3), lowers alpha-synuclein accumulation in Parkinson disease and in Dementia of Lewy Bodies (2)(3)(4),enhances mitochondrial function (5) and lowers the prion-like spreads (6),(7),that happens inside the brain of AD,PD and DLB patients.Researchers of DLB,could study too the nutraceutical ACETYL L CARNITINE(ALCAR),that has antidepressant and anxiolitic effects(8),is a peroxinitrites scavenger (9),improves mitochondrial function(10,(11),increases brain energy in Parkinson disease (12)and has synergistic effects with middle-chain triglycerides,as coconut oil in mitochondrias (13) and ,lowers betamyloid and tau,accumulation,(14).

May 31, 2017 1:07 am

You say there is no treatment, but my husband who has been diagnosed with LBD has been doing very well cognitively since he has been on the medication, rivastigmine (or Excelon) transdermal patch. Yes, it doesn't stop or reverse it, but it apparently (according to his neurologist) boosts the still healthy brain cells. His cognition is WAY improved.

Reply to  HannahA
October 1, 2019 3:51 pm

Be happy he is doing well for now, and treasure each good day. One of the saddest things about LBD is how quickly it can change.

B. Berger

B. Berger

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