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Living with Dementia

Craig Morrison with wife, in Trailer for the film, "Still Mine"

Still Mine

INSPIRING MOVIE: “Still Mine” is the true story of an 87-year-old strawberry farmer & cattle rancher. Craig will do anything for his wife Irene, weakened by dementia. Fighting authorities, watch his battle to build an unauthorized dementia-friendly house on his farm.

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Man with Dementia

What Dementia-Friendly Means

Very small things that people do can make a very big difference to people with dementia. Hear people with early dementia share their experiences, stigmas and what you can do to help create a dementia-friendly world.

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Kathy Mattea singing, "Where've You Been?"

Where’ve You Been?

When Kathy Mattea first sang, “Where’ve You Been”, she wondered to herself, “Do people want to hear this on the way to work?”

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Grandmother in black and white striped shirt hugging girl in black and white striped shirt

A Grandchild for One Day Keeps Dementia Away

An intriguing study of 120 grandmothers might surprise you. Doctors know socially engaged people have better cognition and less dementia. But can a person get too much of a good thing? What’s the right balance?

Plate of food, half of it hard to see

Red Plates for Eating with Dementia

If you couldn’t see your mashed potatoes,  you probably wouldn’t eat them. That’s why what “The Red Plate Study” found was astonishing! Alzheimer’s patients eating from red plates consumed 25 percent more food than those eating from white plates. Find out why.

A man mid-sneeze.

Is Alzheimer’s Catchy?

It looks like a sneeze cannot give anyone Alzheimer’s. While Alzheimer’s abnormal disease proteins do spread from cell-to-cell, they are not “infectious”. Check out the facts.

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