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Why is Alzheimer’s Unofficially Called “Type 3 Diabetes”?


Mayo Clinic, America’s top research center, asked, “Is Alzheimer’s triggered by a form of brain diabetes?” See Mayo Clinic’s multi-institution clinical study test a new insulin nasal spray to improve Alzheimer’s symptoms.

It’s an accepted fact that people with diabetes have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s.
One reason may be reduced blood flow to the brain because of damaged blood vessels.

Dr. Guojun Bu, Ph.D.: “Therefore, the sort of supply of this essential nutrient to
the brain is also impaired.”

Mayo Clinic neuroscientist Dr. Guojun Bu has found
genetics may also be to blame. A variant
of the so called Alzheimer’s gene, APOe4, seems to interfere with brain
cells’ ability to use insulin, which may
eventually cause the cells to starve and

Unofficially it’s called, “Type 3 Diabetes.”

Dr. Guojun Bu, Ph.D.: “What it refers is that the
brain insulin utilization or signaling is not functioning.
Their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is about 10 to 15 times higher.”

Researchers wondered, if it is diabetes of the brain, could insulin delivered in an intranasal mist help?

A Phase-Two clinical-trial raised hope.

Dr. Guojun Bu, Ph.D.: “The outcome is very positive. Patient cognitive

decline is slowed, if not improved.”

For the Mayo Clinic News Network, I’m Dennis Douda.


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