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The Link Between Personalized Music and Memory


What’s the connection between music and memory? Music and Memory Founder Dan Cohen joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to discuss how songs from youth can help battle Alzheimer’s and bring memories back. (Photo: Music and Memory)


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November 20, 2016 3:17 am

Personalized music play lists really works to "make the day" of dementia patients.And we observed too that to use a tablet,with a video that at the same time that the patient here the music he or her see beautiful photos, images,of landscapes,a calm and beautiful beach , sky, sunset, forests,etc.,it potentializes the great effects of the personalized music play lists, and helps to improve the mood am behavior, better than only hearing their preferred musics.

October 22, 2019 6:29 pm

Great video Thanks

B. Berger

B. Berger

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This site was inspired by my Mom’s autoimmune dementia.

It is a place where we separate out the wheat from the chaffe, the important articles & videos from each week’s river of news. With a new post on Alzheimer’s or dementia appearing on the internet every 7 minutes, the site’s focus on the best information has been a help to many over the past 15 years. Thanks to our many subscribers for your supportive feedback.

The site is dedicated to all those preserving the dignity of the community of people living with dementia.

Peter Berger, Editor


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