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Memory Box for Dementia

VIDEO: FILL A MEMORY BOX with photos and memorabilia, then position it by a person with dementia’s door. See it re-orient them, trigger conversations, make

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Teaching Dancing for Dementia

VIDEO: learn how to use dance effectively for people affected by dementia. The Trinity Trotters evolved as Bolton Dementia’s version of dance exercises.

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10 Memory Tips

YOUR MEMORY – VIDEO: MEMORY EXPERT Jim Kwik breaks down the 10 things we all can do to unlock the other 90% of our brains.

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Inside Canada’s New Dementia Village

Canada’s first dementia village enables its inhabitants to live their lives in freedom and dignity, while ensuring they have person-centered care. Learn more.

Vascular Dementia Prescription: Sit Less, Move More

Researchers say a lifestyle-only treatment which includes increased physical activity may be the best prescription for preventing vascular and other issues that can lead to dementia. Their prescription: sit less and move more for mildly high blood pressure and cholesterol, which helps address vascular issues.

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Good Mood Ups Elderly Cognition

Can a happier frame of mind help overcome aging’s cognitive decline? Ohio State University scientists share meaningful insights from their study.

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