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Living with Dementia

Still Mine

INSPIRING MOVIE – LIVING WITH DEMENTIA: “Still Mine” is a beautiful film based on the true story of Craig Morrison. An 87-year-old strawberry farmer &

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How I Feel About My Dementia

A SHORT FILM: Meet 6 people living fulfilling, interesting lives with dementia. This award-winning, true film will help you understand the needs and feel the

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Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s Finale

A fan filmed the last three songs Glen Campbell sang on his final show in Phoenix on February 18th, 2012, after 151 live concerts after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Watch now.

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L.O.V.E! Sung Fantastically by Dad with Dementia

EXTRAORDINARY MUSIC VIDEO: Ted McDermott, The Song-A-Minute Man, was diagnosed with dementia. His son, Simon, wasn’t going to let that stop his Dad. He understood how music reaches our deepest selves and has journeyed with his Dad and their dashcam to make beautiful music together. Get your widest smile ready and watch them in action.

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