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Glen Campbell & The Mayo Clinic

VIDEO: Glen Campbell’s movie, “I’ll Be Me”, is much more than superstars, great music & Alzheimer’s. It is an educational tour of Alzheimer’s medicine, technology

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Turning Point

POWERFUL FILM HIGHLIGHTS – VIDEO: In the gripping documentary Turning Point, acclaimed filmmaker James Keach takes us inside the quest for the first medication that

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Teaching Dancing for Dementia

VIDEO: learn how to use dance effectively for people affected by dementia. The Trinity Trotters evolved as Bolton Dementia’s version of dance exercises.

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A Tornado and Alzheimer’s

A tornado has left 40 Alzheimer’s patients on the move. See how dementia is especially vulnerable to natural disasters and bad weather. Learn special steps you can take to help them be prepared.

Mediterranean Diet Ingredients

60,000 on Med Diet, 23% Less Dementia Risk

Eating a traditional Mediterranean-type diet – rich in foods such as seafood, fruit, and nuts – may help reduce the risk of dementia by nearly 25%, researchers say.

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