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Memantine May Help Huntington’s & Other Types of Dementia

New research shows that the Alzheimer’s drug memantine (Namenda™) may treat Huntington’s dementia. It seems to improve motor learning and coordination, as well as keep cells alive. It appears to work in a way that could also benefit dementia in traumatic brain injury and some forms of stroke. Can memantine offer a multi-type dementia breakthrough?

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4 Youths Connect to Their Elders’ Dementia

COMMUNICATING WITH DEMENTIA – VIDEO: Four teenagers and young adults tell us about their experiences of having a relative with dementia, as well as sharing their insights on keeping connected to that person.

MCT oils

How Much MCT Oil Do Alzheimer’s Diets Need?

VIDEO + INFO: Cheaper than drugs, natural MCT OIL (Medium Chain Triglycerides) generates ketones, which can boost energy to brain cells in dementia. What are healthy food sources? How much is best?

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Grandmother in black and white striped shirt hugging girl in black and white striped shirt

A Grandchild for One Day Keeps Dementia Away

An intriguing study of 120 grandmothers might surprise you. Doctors know socially engaged people have better cognition and less dementia. But can a person get too much of a good thing? What’s the right balance?

Plate of food, half of it hard to see

Red Plates for Eating with Dementia

If you couldn’t see your mashed potatoes,  you probably wouldn’t eat them. That’s why what “The Red Plate Study” found was astonishing! Alzheimer’s patients eating from red plates consumed 25 percent more food than those eating from white plates. Find out why.

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