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Alzheimer’s Alphabet Activity

Here's a good activity caregivers can use easily, contributed by one of our readers. It's a simple game, great in mid-stage Alzheimer's.
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A reader on the Alzheimer’s Weekly Facebook page contributed the following idea:

Here is something helpful for those who are caring for a loved one that has Alzheimer’s disease.

My Mom needs constant care and is losing her ability to think and speak so we were not speaking much to each other, although she did remember her childhood prayers, so I was asking her to recite those.

Then I came up with the idea to play a word game with her and she plays it quite well! It is called the alphabet game. This is how it begins…. I say, “Mom, name something inside the house (or outside the house. Switch it up.) that begins with the letter A”….. then after she answers, I ask, “name something inside the house that begins with the letter B”. And so on.

I always praise her for her answers and never correct a wrong one. Just the fact she is speaking and thinking is the victory. This game not only exercises her brain, but it gives us a chance to interact and speak with each other. It also gives me the chance to praise her for a great answer and for her to receive the praise and feel proud of herself for still being smart. Rita Loyd

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B. Berger

B. Berger

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