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5 Tips to Improve Sleep

The Sleep Section on this site makes a strong case for lowering Alzheimer’s risk through better sleep habits. Check out these 5 tips to sleep

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Sleep Works Around Alzheimer’s

At Washington University, extra sleep reinforced connections between brain cells that encode memories. Past studies linked extra sleep to boosting memory. This study breaks new

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ADDF: What Works & What Doesn’t in Preventing Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s prevention and memory conservation is on everyone’s health radar. Every year, we spend billions on related supplements and alternative medicines. To sort out what might work and what doesn’t, what’s safe and what’s dangerous, and how confident experts are in the science, check out ADDF’s brain-protection website, Cognitive Vitality.

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Good Mood Ups Elderly Cognition

Can a happier frame of mind help overcome aging’s cognitive decline? Ohio State University scientists share meaningful insights from their study.

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